Too Many Flowers

In Fiction on July 31, 2013 at 11:56 pm

Big Bee - by Jennifer Pendergast

Too Many Flowers

The bee loomed tall in the evening sun: 25 feet long, with a black and yellow frame and wings of molded plastic.

“Cool, huh?”

“You sure get worked up about your ichthyology,” Bann complained.

Entomology. How do you still not know the right word after twenty years?”

Bann shrugged.

“It reminded me of our first date… Remember the bees at the orchard?”

Bann nodded.

“Where’s the stinger?” he asked, but then his eyes went wide, and a thin river of blood ran from his mouth.

“Right here, honey,” Sherry whispered. “Play with too many flowers and eventually you get stung.”

Ahh, Friday Fictioneers — the great thing about writing challenges is they push you to find new and interesting ways to kill your characters. This isn’t my best work, I’ll admit, but I like it just the same.

But let me know what you think! Then click the link collection above and see what everyone else has done with this week’s prompt (photo supplied by Jennifer Pendergast, aka ElmoWrites).

  1. I think she’s ready to move on… Nice one.

  2. Cruel. I have this feeling she’s using “flowers” to mean something slightly different here. Your stories just keep getting darker, Brian.

  3. Oh that’s gotta hurt! Colorfully dark and dangerous.

  4. Dear Brian,

    I believe the proper comment here is, “Eeeeeewwww.” I don’t want to run into that bee. So my question is, does this bee die after stinging?



  5. Ouch! See this is why I stay away from bees and flower beds.

  6. WOW! ““Right here, honey,” Sherry whispered. “Play with too many flowers and eventually you get stung.”
    What a fantastic twist, darling!

  7. A woman scorned… twice as deadly when an oversized novelty stinger is nearby…!

  8. Perhaps her first date should include a lesson on the word entomology.

  9. Dear Brian,

    He should have stuck to fishes. Great ending to your tale.



  10. Hi Brian,
    And I thought Sherry was sweet! Go a real buzz out of this. To bee or not to bee, that is the question. Ron

  11. Naughty Bann, playing with too many flowers.

  12. I love murder. Within fiction of course. As usual, a great post!

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