In Fiction, Travel on March 24, 2014 at 11:27 am


Glittering azure
Crystal-cool and comfortable
Bright fish swimming
Scales tickled with light

And below

Caverns, endless
Blue to green to inky black
Pressure and darkness

Nameless mystery
Crushing truth


This 33-word poem is my response to this week’s (and the last ever) Trifecta Writing prompt. It’s only by chance that I come back from my hiatus to the last Trifecta prompt, but I’m glad I made it in time.

The poem itself was inspired, in part, by a recent trip to Mexico. “Cenote” is a Spanish term for a cave or sinkhole filled with water, the caverns typically extending far under ground. They were incredible to swim through, and got me thinking (as these kinds of things often do) on deeper things (pardon the pun).

Photo from National Geographic.

  1. Beautiful poem- and I really liked that you elaborated on the inspiration and the “depth” of your thoughts!

  2. none one does the “thoughtful post” like you Brian. Such a pretty way to write us out. I’m following and look forward to your words beyond the 33.

  3. I love your description in the beginning of the piece! So vivid. A little scary at the end though as one dives into the unknown.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful poem, Brian. I love your gentleness here, and the shivery ominous tone at the end.

  5. I went to Mexico last year and found these to be the most fascinating things. Great post! You have captured the magical wonder of a cenote so beautifully.

  6. Yes, the best ones are those that get us to dive deep. Love the shape of the poem, too.
    A pleasure to have met you here, Brian : )

  7. Beautiful visuals you created, as always. And a great trigger for that deeper thinking.

  8. Oh! THIS, especially:
    “Scales tickled with light”

  9. Beautiful imagery and I loved the contrast Brian:-)Glad to have met you here on Trifecta and hope to see you again ,somewhere,tc and all the best:-)

  10. Oh wow! I loved this. And the picture. I can feel it! Well done!

  11. I can feel myself descending through those waters from the sparkly surface to the weighty depths.
    Glad you made it back for the final challenge. Your beautiful words will be missed by all three of us.

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