Gracie’s Fall

In Fiction on August 7, 2013 at 1:47 pm


Gracie’s Fall

Gracie drifted from the sky and landed, quite elegantly, on the point of one toe, then smoothed the pleats of her milk-white skirt with a satisfied sigh.

The sole spectator to her amazing feat (and her lifting skirt), Matt gaped.

“Hello there!” Gracie said gleefully.

“Are you an angel?” Matt asked. Gracie giggled.

“You’re silly,” she said. “Goodbye!” And she skipped down the street with a look of wonder on her face.


Matt woke with a start. The dream had been the same every night since Gracie had jumped—but this was the first time she’d said goodbye.

This is a quick story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt (photo above by Renee Heath). It’s a little more peaceful than my last few stories I think.

Check out the other stories for the week by clicking my blue friend up there, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

  1. Maybe next time, she will tell us why she jumped!

  2. Intriguing, Brian. I wonder if that goodbye is the sign of something new about to come into his life…

  3. I am not sure there will be a next time. I think when she said “Goodbye” it was her last visit.

  4. Great little piece 🙂

  5. Hi Brian,
    Ethereal story, almost a fantasy, until it took that grim unexpected turn at the end. Good use of dream sequence and very fine storytelling. Ron

  6. Absolutely beautiful first line, and a very lovely story.

  7. That was an unexpected ending, but I’m glad he’s getting closure. I like that she skipped down the street with a look of wonder on her face. All beautifully written.

  8. Oh, way to tug my heart with a twist ending! This is my favorite story so far this week.

  9. Dear Brian,

    Whether accidental or intentional, your title is a play on words…fall from grace…Gracie’s fall. Sounds like something profound about this dream and the fact that it’s recurring and this time she said goodbye. Entertaining, intriguing and well done, sir.



    • Drat! Once again, Rochelle stole my comment about the title. This also reminds me of recurring dreams of falling. Some say that if you dream that you land, you’ll die (at least that’s how I remember it). But I used to dream about being on a falling bridge and when I finally dreamed about the feather-light landing, I never had that dream again. So who knows? Maybe this will end the dream for him.


  10. Oh my! The whimsical opening that I was enjoying and yet confused by, whipped away as soon as it made sense! Lump. Throat. Inner tear. A good write.

  11. lovely story with that sad end. Enjoyed your work.

  12. I had no idea where this was going – in glad for him that she said goodbye this time.

  13. Brian, this was probably my favorite story so far this week. Love the bitter-sweet ending with maybe a closure finally.

  14. Dear Brian,

    Dreams. I love what you’ve done with this one.



  15. Could this be the last time he dreams this then? Very poignant.

  16. Sounds like Gracie has moved on and is happy now. Very good! I like the ghost element, Brian.

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