Make it Rain, Nana

In Fiction on April 2, 2013 at 10:52 am

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Make it Rain, Nana

“I wanna thank you all for coming out here on this somber occasion, ya know? For coming out here to celebrate the life of a terrific lady.

“My nana, Margaret O’Shaunnessy, was the sweetest old woman in the world. She always had a caramel or a hard candy in her pocket for the kids, and she was generous as hell with her money, am I right? A real standup broad.

“Those of us who were fortunate enough to know her best got to witness a real rebirth toward the end there. When Grampa Charles left us—God rest his soul—Nana went through a pretty tough time. But then she discovered this passion, you know, this zest for life she never knew she had.

“Not everyone approved, of course, but again, those of us who were closest saw the joy on her face these last few years, and there’s no way we could’ve taken that away from her.

“Sure, Nana was a stripper. And yeah, there were some—local law enforcement, the ATF, the FBI—who would call her a… ‘ruthless drug kingpin’, a ‘smuggler’, and a… ‘madam for octogenarian hookers,’ but she was still our nana, you know?

“She was still the woman who bought you your first bottle of whisky, Tommy; she got you that sweet Jack Daniels wallet, Sam—you remember?—the black one with the Velcro? And Billy, she was still the one who’d take a baseball bat to your Coupe de Ville if you ever disrespected your mother. She made us what we are today. She made us a family. She was our nana.

“So join me now in a moment of silence, eh? Bow your heads you mooks…”

Jimmy finally paused and looked down, listening to the last gasps of winter blowing over the harbor. And with a subtle movement (too subtle to be noticed by anyone who’d come) he passed one hand over the other and whispered:

“Make it rain, nana. Make it rain.”

This is my response to this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge: Rain (hey, that’s what you get when you use Urban Dictionary for your definitions). I’m looking forward to reading even more irreverent, off-color and generally awesome stories from the others this week, so you should check them out, too.

Make it rain!

  1. LOL!Great job -octogenarian hookers & stripper!How very cool!

  2. Nana sounds like she was a very interesting person! This whole piece had me cracking up. Great job!

  3. I love the slow reveal, and what a reveal it is. Had me laughing. Nice writing, as always.

  4. This had me laughing too. It was funny,and sweet and I love the list of her ‘accomplishments/titles.

  5. This is Terrific. So many good emotions in this.

  6. This is brilliant. I loved the dialogue, the sweet Nana gone bad. Well done!

  7. Definitely a different kind of family
    Make it rain, yes!

  8. I loved this piece – So fresh and new and not at all what a Nana is supposed to be. You had me laughing out loud about the whiskey and the baseball bats.

  9. Hilarious. I love Nana and I didn’t even know her. And the Jack Daniels wallet was perfect, not just as a great gift, but as an incredible little detail that makes this story great.

  10. Shit I wrote a great compliment for you then lost it when I went to join your site. Anyway his is my favourite genre and I just tried to write something gangsterish for the firs time on another challenge and It was pretty pedestrian – this was really good Brian inspiring to as a lover of the genre that every story hasn’t been told!!!

  11. Thanks Sam! I’m glad you liked it and especially glad you took the time to rewrite your comment after you lost it (sorry ’bout that). I loved your take on the prompt too, by the way

  12. This is not at all like any memorial service I’ve attended 🙂 Somehow it seems improper to laugh at a funeral, but I wouldn’t have made it through this one!

  13. thee best response for this week, hands down. haha, i absolutely loved it, definite kudos for originality.

  14. Nana is awesome! And the velcro wallet was a nice touch!

  15. Ha, awesome! I just saw Steven Yuen on Conan talking about the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta. It’s famous for it’s elderly dancers. Nana would have ruled that place.

  16. I love this; the humour, the play on the accent…a very well deserved win, congrats!

  17. so glad you won – I would’ve hated to have missed this one!

  18. Thank you, I really enjoyed that and had a good laugh. Congratulations on your win.

  19. Congrats to you & grandma on this winning piece. At least you can raise a glass to celebrate😉Too bad Grandma cannot join ya

  20. Absolutely superb!
    AnElephant is not easily impressed (well, actually he is quite, but, y’know) but he loves this.

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