Knock, Knock, Knock

In Fiction on November 22, 2013 at 9:55 am


Knock, Knock, Knock

You knock, your heart a nervous bird, flapping. A chill wind sighs.

You knock. What sound is that? Claws scrabbling. Whispers.

It’s been years…

You knock, and the door swings wide—to warmth.

This is my short response to this week’s Trifextra challenge – where we were given the freedom to choose our own word to use three times in a 33-word story. If it’s not clear enough, the word I chose was knock.

Let me know what you think and check out some of the other stories over at Trifecta. They’re short, so they won’t take long!

Happy weekend!

  1. this is perfect for this time of the year (which, I’m presuming is the reason you wrote it 😉 )
    let us pray that every door, heart and life opens to invite love in this year.

  2. A lot of feeling packed into those few words 🙂

  3. I like where you went with this. The fear of not being embraced can keep some from knocking… many times, the rejection is in our heads, though.

  4. ………..and what a warm welcome. loved the pic of the house

  5. Home for Christmas! I love goihg home for christmas!

  6. This is just lovely. I felt the warmth seeping in. Really well written.

  7. This is great…it had some twists and seemed like a complete story in 33 words.

  8. Brian, this evokes so much. For some reason, the last few weeks I have been thinking about a song from the remake of the Wizard of Oz, called The Wiz. There is a song in it that, at least to me, seems connected to your story: Anyway, your writing always inspires :)))

  9. Sometimes, you can go home. Even after so many years. This was warm and welcoming and I loved it.

  10. More bird references, I see. 😉

    Great word choice and I love the way you used it. Nicely done!

  11. Hmmm… unexpected from you. Yeah, I figured you chose ‘knock’. Nice.

  12. Beautiful! I loved this line: your heart a nervous bird, flapping.

  13. “… your heart a nervous bird, flapping”

    Great line. I think we’ve all felt at some time or another. Nice job!

  14. This line “You knock, your heart a nervous bird, flapping” is just amazing…and I love that he/she can’t identify the sounds behind the door, clearly indicating a lengthy absence. Nice piece.

  15. This is just lovely – it’s nostalgic, hopeful, a little terrifying, and strong all at once. It certainly made me think. Wonderfully done, Brian!

  16. Swoon. I loved the nervous bird flapping. Thank you for linking up. I hope you’ll join us in the ornament swap. Be sure to email us if you’re interested.

  17. […] Knock, Knock, Knock ( […]

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