Al In Wonderland

In Fiction on January 30, 2013 at 9:36 pm

Sunbathers in central park

Al In Wonderland

“What on earth are you reading for, Lou? The sun is shinin’, the birds are chirpin’ — the ladies are sunnin’ in their… scanties. Two-piece suits and everything, Lou. Lou?”

Al, shut it! I’m readin’ here.” Lou flapped the pages at him.

“No need to get bent out of shape, Lou, I’m just worried you’re not enjoying yourself… what are you reading about, anyway, your period?”

Al laughed, but Lou didn’t look up from the book.

“Whatever,” Al muttered. “…sitting under that tree like some eighteenth century fop…”

Lou really was missing an amazing vista, though. The girls were practically spilling from their suits. The heat wave had brought them all out—the hippies from their lofts, the secretaries from their skyscrapers—to lie out in the park, hot and languid, bronze skin glistening. They were like shiny pennies at the bottom of a fountain, and Al thought one of those pennies was winking at him.

“I’m gonna go take in the sights,” he said, eyeing his prize. “I’m feelin’ lucky.”

The girl was six foot if she was an inch, a tight, white bikini radiant against her dark skin. She gave Al a penetrating stare, squirmed her hips ever so slightly, then turned away to reveal two perfect scoops of vanilla. She was melting. When she disappeared over a lush knoll—her hips swinging like a hypnotist’s watch—Al strode off in pursuit.

“Thank god my old man taught me to chase tail instead of how to read,” he said to himself.

But when he’d climbed over the mound and reached the other side, the woman was nowhere to be seen. Instead there was only a hole—not a rabbit hole, maybe, but not exactly a cave either—sloping down into the damp, dark earth, just big enough for a man to squeeze into and fringed all around with curling brambles.

At the mouth of the hole, a bikini lay clinging to the dewy grass.

This is my response to this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge: Mouth. I’m a little later than usual this week, but I hope you like it!

Send your comments my way, then check out all the other stories at Trifecta (there’s more and more each week)!

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  1. Follow the white rabbit… 😉

  2. So did he go down the hole? I liked Lou flapping the pages at him.

    I would have never thought Central Park would be like this, but the only time I’ve been there, was in November. It looks like a beach scene. Now that I think about it, Golden Gate Park looks like this in the summer, too.

  3. enjoyable read 🙂

  4. Nicely irreverent take. two scoops of melting vanilla… lol

  5. Convincing scenario – loved the ending.

  6. heh – another type of siren’s song. 🙂

  7. Niice. I’d love to know if he follows.

  8. Loved so many things about this fun read-the language most of all-so quaint:-)”ladies are sunnin’ in their… scanties.” & “like some eighteenth century fop”,lol!And the line,”They were like shiny pennies at the bottom of a fountain, and Al thought one of those pennies was winking at him”,is so cute!Loved the reference to the rabbit hole-Alice in wonderland and playboy-both innocent & naughty thoughts clashed;-)What a wonderfully enjoyable piece:-)

  9. Oh, I loved this. Your voice feels effortless and funny. And authentic. My favorite moment: “They were like shiny pennies at the bottom of a fountain, and Al thought one of those pennies was winking at him.”

    I’m following.

    New to Trifecta.

    • Thanks, girl! That’s actually my favorite part too, and the image I came up with before almost anything else – yes, vindication! Welcome to Trifecta, I’m on my way to your site right now

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