Carge’s Cart

In Fiction on November 13, 2013 at 4:31 pm


Carge’s Cart

Carge pulled his cart. The wedgestones helped the wagon to climb—up the narrow street to the pit, and the furnace that warmed the governor’s halls.

On cold days the hill would ice, and if a body slipped it would slide like a lifeless luger down the hill, bumping over the stones and knocking now and then on a villager’s door. If Carge was lucky, the body would wedge in a doorway just one or two landings down; if he was really lucky, it would slide clear to the bay and be lost.

Carge shivered and wished for trees.

This quick story is for the Friday Fictioneers. The prompt was the picture up there at the top of the page (by Kent Bonham). Let me know what you think below, and click the link monster to read the rest of this week’s stories!

  1. Hi Brian,
    Was this the guy who invented cremation? And those corpses sliding down the ice. Isn’t that body surfing? But seriously, this is serious stuff, dark and with great images. Ron

  2. I like the luger image but when I got to the end and realized what they were burning…yuk! I guess it saves on graves (which would be tough to dig in that weather), but I’m sure bad things happen when deaths don’t keep up with the cold.


  3. I didn’t understand the wish for trees until I read the above. I still don’t think you can run a furnace on human bodies alone…

  4. Ewww…humans as fuel? Gruesome but extremely imaginative. Also, the tone and mood of your writing was absolutely perfect for the story. Very well done.

  5. That’s chilling. Is this our future, I wonder.

  6. I loved the enigmatic last line about wishing for trees.

  7. Oh,oh!This is really ,really dark and gruesome!Imagine having to burn bodies for fuel-a world possibly without wood(trees)to warm the homes of the rich and influential!Fantastic imagination and very well scripted”:-)

  8. Bleaker and bleaker, Brian. I’m going to have to remember never to read your stories late at night! Well drawn, I could picture it all.

  9. Fantastic, mysterious narrative.

  10. This might be an improper reaction but your story made me laugh.

  11. Dear Brian,

    It’s nice to see you back among us. I get the feeling that Cage isn’t too fond of his job. Firewood would be much more pleasant to gather for the furnace, wouldn’t it?
    Good job.



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