My Bad (Care to Guest Blog?)

In Travel, Writing on September 4, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Excuses, Excuses

Yet again I find myself apologizing for an extended absence, but this time I have good excuses, I swear!

Firstly, in a piece of toot-my-own-horn kind of news, I recently got a new job (unemployment, it turns out, while a great generator of free time, isn’t so great for the wallet). I officially started two weeks ago, and it’s been keeping me pretty busy, so I shall henceforth need to learn to budget my remaining free time a little better – an adjustment, to be sure, but as of today I’m resolving to make it happen.

Secondly, and much more interesting (especially from a visual perspective), I spent last week out west, visiting Seattle and driving down Coastal 101 with my girlfriend on our way to my friend’s awesome and unconventional wedding in a sea cave in Oregon. Yours truly provided some guitar accompaniment for the ceremony, and (tooting my own guitar horn), I dare say it was well received.

This was my first time to the west coast, my first time seeing the Pacific and, actually, my first time further west than Kansas (not counting Europe, which is, of course, much, much, much further west in a sense). The views from the drive and the wedding were incredible, and well worth sharing…

…even my artsy attempts (not bad for using my Droid).

Anyway, all of that is done now, and I finally intend to deliver on a few things I’ve been neglecting the last couple weeks, namely:

I’m also taking this opportunity to give my site a little overhaul (hopefully with some input from all y’all), to include more original writing prompts, a bit more photography, more substantial fiction and (if all goes to plan) new sections for travel writing and opinion.

Guest Bloggers Wanted (Inquire Within)

Here’s the thing, though: With those last two sections – travel writing and opinion – I’m actually going to be slowly recruiting people to guest blog. I can’t have as many adventures as I’d like (or opinions for that matter) so I’m going to try to enlist some help (yours, if you’re into it) – acting more as an editor for those sections. Get in touch with me if you’re interested in writing something (it’s an election year after all)!

Finally I’m toying with a visual redesign (though perhaps not too substantial). In short, there’s a lot in the pipeline and a lot to look forward to. Yuh-huh.

  1. This is my first entry to pinion post, but not my first reading. I was the groom in the aforementioned wedding, and I can confirm that this here blogger played incredibly well at our wedding ceremony; it was so well received. Oops, I just used a semicolon. Nevertheless, this guy not only serenaded us with his guitar, he also reviewed my vows and gave me the necessary vote of confidence I needed to sound so captivating (Now look who’s tooting their own horn). Thank you kind sir!

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