The Post

In Fiction on June 20, 2013 at 1:43 pm

Guard, copyright Managua Gunn

The Post

Elizabeth stood with pride, ennobled by her place in the city’s secret history; through every hour of every day—on every day of every year since 1372—a guard had stood at this spot, and now the post was hers.

Her gun was loaded; her bayonet was sharp; her orders were simple: Kill anyone who willfully pursued the Secret.

Not that the tourists knew this. To them, she was a quaint anachronism. But the ornate government offices behind her were a decoy, built to deflect attention from her true charge: the grate upon which she stood.

Far below, the Ancients fumbled in the dark, roaming the catacombs in search of light.

This is my response to this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt, the amazing photo up above by Managua Gunn. Click the InLinkz blue guy to read the rest of this week’s stories (and leave me some good comment juju below).

Happy almost Friday!

  1. Are the Ancients fed now and again a bumbling tourist who’s been drawn onto the grate unknowingly, then dropped in?

  2. This was great. I could see it all so well.

  3. Oh this is just wonderful! I love the concept. Great idea and great job writing about it.

  4. Are you sure it wasn’t the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? 🙂 Well done (but no surprise there.)


  5. I wonder if the ancients were Chico, Harpo, Groucho and Zeppo all in togas.
    Seriously, though, this was a fun read and I like the idea. Wanna hear more … must have MORE!

  6. loved the idea.. well done

  7. Great idea, and that last line was quite disturbing.

  8. Fascinating glance into a much longer story. I love the contrast between what she is and what she appears.

  9. Oh yeah, this is a good one!

  10. Elizabeth’s commitment comes across clearly. Are the Ancients friend or foe? Their searching for the light suggests the latter, but keeping the tourists away, maybe the former?

  11. Wow, your story is packed full. I liked that you incorporated the grate. Well done!

  12. Oh I liked this, excellent idea, well written

  13. I’ll look out next time I pass… the ancients indeed.

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