Tough Guy Bobby Caduzo

In Fiction on May 9, 2013 at 11:32 pm


Tough Guy Bobby Caduzo

“A little… light for a mob joint, isn’t it? I mean, watercolors? Artsy mirrors. Glass eggs in baskets? I thought we were here to meet ‘tough guy Bobby Caduzo.’ This don’t strike me as a place for no tough guys.”

“Hey shut your mouth, would ya? Show some respect. Bobby’s right over there.”

“Where? I only see the broad at the counter.”

“Bobby is the broad at the counter, stupid. Barbara Caduzo.”

“Sal, I’m in deep with these guys, man—how’s some chick supposed to help?”

“Heh. Tony, sometimes it’s real obvious you grew up without a mudda.”

I know: This is a little light for me, and maybe there’s not much of a story there, but hey! It’s almost Mother’s Day, right? So give me a break!

This story is for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt (the photo supplied up yonder by Mr. Ted Strutz).

  1. Brilliant! Very, very funny!

  2. Well I like it. Poor guy, grew up without a mudda! lol

  3. The last line makes the piece!

  4. Nice twist on the gangster genre — everybody needs a mudda, fuggeddaboudit, darling.

  5. I like this take – and you made it fun to read. Mobster moms need love, too.

  6. And she might the the mudda of all muddas and as such, be able to help him out (although hopefully, not out of this world.) And happy Mudda’s day to her, too.


  7. hahahahah! I’m so glad you wrote this in time for Mudda’s Day! 😀

  8. That, I didn’t expect. Tough Guy Bobby Caduzo was a woman?
    That’s a nice twist on the tale. I also liked the spot on accent you gave them.
    Well played.

  9. I can just hear the accents in your writing. Nicely done. I gotta feelin’ Bobby was a hitman, who’s like a woman, you know? ‘Cause if he was a she, an’ everybody was lookin’ for a he, they’d never find her to wax her, capice? Hehe. A fun read.

  10. Dear Brian,
    Clever…dialogue was just right. Not over the top. And a Happy Mudda’s Day to all us muddas.

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