For The Birds

In Fiction on January 18, 2013 at 12:09 pm

Empire State Pigeon (photo credit ZeroOne/ photo on Flickr)
(Photo credit: ZeroOne / / CC BY-SA)

For The Birds

You can wheel through the sky and skewer the clouds, or you can spend your life low and leave your mark (if you know what I mean).

Just remember: It’ll eventually rain.

This is in response to this weeks Trifextra challenge in which you’re given a prompt and asked to write 33 words on it (the photo being the prompt this week). I’ve done a number of Trifecta Writing Challenges, but this is my first time attempting the shorter cousin (man, that sounds wrong, but I’m sticking with it).

Let me know what you think below, and, of course, check out the other mini stories over at Trifecta.

Happy weekend!

  1. Ha! Totally pictured wise old grandpa bird taking to baby bird. Nicely done.

  2. Pragmatic and funny, liked it.

  3. haha! I’m not sure which course you’re recommending here, but I defintely got the feeling of wisdom passed down the generations. Nice job.

  4. I liked this, perfect words to read on a day like today.

  5. Remembering the inevitable rain is wise advice.

  6. A lot of heavy, weighty writing going on in a lot of the other posts. Therefore, I appreciate your effort all the more because you were able to say something of value, say it well and yet, say it in a somewhat light and humurous way. Thanks. Good work.

  7. I like this one! Wise advice indeed…our marks are rarely permanent.

  8. Both options sound fun!

  9. Pretty sure I’d rather skewer some clouds.

  10. This advice is proof that pigeons are smarter than most of us believe!

  11. Leave your mark! How funny.

  12. LOL – I’m guessing that like his/her? predecessors, this pigeon chose to leave his/her mark!

  13. Beautifully said-“wheel through the sky & skewer the clouds”:-)But am not forgetting the rain that’s sure to leave many marks-ugh!lol!

  14. The shorter cousin suits you. 😉

  15. Making your mark. Genius. 33 words is pretty damn tight but you didn’t seem to struggle

  16. […] now my stories have featured crows, grackles, pigeons, swans and seagulls. As you can tell, I’m quite […]

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