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The Bells

In Fiction on July 19, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Photo by Suguri F. We call that "hand bel...

The Bells

The old man stands on the lighted stage, stooped and shaking. Others, mere knobby shadows, wait their turn in the darkness behind him.

The bells ring, and the man’s eyes begin to water.

For this weekend’s Trifextra challenge, the folks over at Trifecta gave us three words: ring, water and stage. The challenge was to add 30 words to these to write a story.

Check out the other stories and, of course, have a great weekend!



In Fiction on July 3, 2013 at 2:29 pm



“I used to work at that grocery store,” Sue says. She crosses her legs and a shoe goes tumbling to the roof below. The scaffolding sways.

“Yeah,” I say.

Way up here, we’re weathervanes. We’re aligned with the wind and following it out, fleeting. Our words disintegrate and become silence.

“I used to smoke behind that fence,” I say, “between classes.” Sue nods. The gray clouds roll overhead.

“Sad how things change,” she says. “Sad how nothing’s what you remember.”

We look at our town, our memories stretched upon the frame of the present. We’re not ready to climb down. Read the rest of this entry »