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Social Media for Writers

In Off-Topic on May 4, 2013 at 4:38 pm

I’ll be the first to admit: I’ve been a little slow on the uptake with using platforms like Twitter and Facebook to get my writing out there. First, it felt a little presumptuous to create a fan page for myself when I haven’t actually published anything yet; then it just seemed like I could never have enough to say to fill up a Twitter feed or timeline.

But I’ve been chipping away at it, so as a service to the other writers out there who feel the same way, I thought I’d share some of the resources I’ve stumbled across in my searches. After all, it’s never too late to learn!

The Book Doctors Present: As You Like It, Or the Power of Facebook for Authors

7 Essential Elements for an Author’s Facebook Page

Facebook for Authors: How to get Started

Facebook Strategy for Authors: In-Depth Discussion

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