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Writer Went Down To Georgia

In Travel on August 8, 2012 at 10:18 am

Those of you who check my About page on a regular basis (admit it, you know you’re out there!) will notice that I’ve gone from living in Boston to living in Atlanta. Indeed, the page doesn’t lie – I’ve been down here for almost a week now, slowly waiting for my thick Yankee blood to thin so I can go running without experiencing cardiac arrest.

I went to a southern school, so hopefully that shouldn’t take too long, but I’m also waiting for something a little more important: a job. I’m near the end of a pretty lengthy application and interview process, so with any luck that shouldn’t take too long either, but in the meantime I should have plenty of time to write!*

In honor of my new living situation I feel inspired to read a little Faulkner or Twain, and maybe even blog a bit about it. But first I wanted to know: who are some of your favorite writers from the American South**? If you can’t think of any, I will accept suggestions from the English south, or from Southern Europe, or from the Canadian south (you know, America).


*Of course, the Olympics are on, so maybe I shouldn’t get too ambitious.
**Technically I’m a southern writer now, so I suppose I could be your favorite… you know, if you wanted.