Short Story Contests

  • January
  • February—Your dutifully-attended-to New Year’s resolutions have provided you with fresh writing material. Now get paid for it!
  • March—If you haven’t mustered the courage to submit to a contest yet, March is the perfect month to take a stab at it… (get it?)
  • April—Shower yourself with the glory of winning. Then take a real shower, because, contrary to popular belief, victory doesn’t smell all that great.
  • May—Out with the showers and in with the flowers, I always say (I’ve never said that). Win one of these competitions so you can afford the very best in bee sting-related allergy treatments.
  • June—June is alright I guess…
  • July— … but to be perfectly honest, I prefer July (on account of that’s when I got birth’d).
  • August—Welcome to the Dog Days of summer, and the relatively slow season for short story contests.
  • September—I have nothing to say to you, September.
  • OctoberIt’s spooky how many writing contests there are in October.
  • November—Fuel up with some turducken and keep it up—the end of the year is oh so near!
  • December—Finish up the season with a gift to yourself: Some cold hard cash and the recognition of your writing peers.

Many of the publications listed herein also accept general submissions year round, so why not click around and see if you can find a good fit for your writing?

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a contest that I haven’t listed, drop me a line!

  1. […] but this was one that I have had first hand experience in. A fellow blogger, Brian Benoit, puts up a monthly list of reputable contests on his blog called pinionpost.  His blog is one that I highly recommend not only for the contest […]

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