The Black River

In Fiction on June 27, 2013 at 9:54 pm

fire truck

The Black River

The old desert tortoise took slow, deliberate steps. One leg up, one leg down, with a dull scrape as his shell dragged along.

“Before the black river came, the crossin’ took ages,” he told the young ones that scrambled in his wake. “Of course, these days it’s hurry, hurry, hurry. Go, go, go.”

The sun was high and they cast no shadows.

“Technology…” the tortoise muttered.

Then suddenly the ground began to rumble, and the pebbles skipped and snapped on the quaking road—and a great red beast went screaming past.

“Hey!” the old tortoise bellowed. “Where’s the fire, Bub?”

Tomorrow is Friday, so that could only mean one thing: Friday Fictioneers! This is my response to this week’s photo prompt, above, taken by Indira.

Click the blue guy up there to read the other stories, and have a great weekend!

  1. A cute change of perspective! Well-done!

  2. An original approach – loved it.

  3. I liked that Black River – and I also liked the fact that you didn’t harm the turtles: Attention, no tortoises will be harmed in the following tale!

  4. I love the way you took the angle of this photo – and I’m with Lindaura – good for you not going with tortoise-squashing

  5. This was a delightful little piece that brought a smile to my face. We need to take a page from the tortoise and slow down and enjoy the ride…

  6. Very unique perspective! Wonder if the bus dodged in time to save the torti, though!

  7. I was a bit slow and it took me a second read to work out the black river, but then I loved the idea of this story. Someone else wrote about a squirrel this week – must be the angle of the photo.

  8. ‘The Black River’… Nice metaphor for the road

  9. Missed the black river initially. But a great Aesopettian tale. Not sure if it’s fiction! Too true to life.

  10. I loved the voice you gave the tortoise – so cute!

  11. Ditto the above. 🙂 Or…had I been there (sooner), I would have said that.


  12. A turtle’s POV. Terrific. A turtle bellowing, now THAT is terrific!

  13. Dear Brian,

    Phew! For a minute it was going to be turtle pancake. Love the personality you gave him. I could almost see a pair of wire-framed spectacles before his eyes. Nice one.



  14. Props to the tortoise for even attempting crossing the road. Tough old chap.

  15. Glad he didn’t get steamrolled by Progress!

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