On Damāvand

In Fiction on May 31, 2013 at 12:21 pm


On Damāvand

We sit on sleeping fire, on Damāvand, where the dragon Dahāg writhes in his bonds.

We see our city, older than myth, and its transient seething.

The hill shakes; our hearts are inflamed.

This is my response to the weekend Trifextra challenge, from the friendly folks over at the Trifecta Writing Challenge. The prompt this week is the picture up above, provided by mohammadali on Flickr.

The photo is of Tehran in Iran, and my story draws on some old Persian myths. Check out this wikipedia entry if you’d like to know more.

Happy weekend!

  1. Myth and imagery combine here to create 33 words of gorgeous poetic writing! Very, very nice!

  2. ‘our city, older than myth’ I love that!

  3. Oh, gorgeous – there’s an intensity to it that is hard to do in 33 words, I think. Well done!

  4. This is so beautiful Brian! I particularly love the line in the middle — the idea of city’s transient seething is fantastic.

  5. This is a unique take. I love it.

  6. Something different, and good too. Love that second line.

    Thank you for linking up!

  7. Very-well researched. That always brings fine results such as this.

  8. I enjoyed your unique take on the prompt.

  9. I didn’t realize the photo was of Tehran until I completed my story. I had lived there…at the base of the mountain. Didn’t know it was a volcano. A good thing. Nicely done story using the mythology of the country.

  10. “our city older than myth” great line…very imaginative piece!

  11. Fantastic piece! Such power in the words.

  12. “We sit on sleeping fire”

    What a fantastic first line!

  13. I think it is so amazing how everyone takes a different track with the photo.

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