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“Pick up the phone.”

“This phone?”

“It’s ringing.”

Colin listened a moment, to the far-off sound of the freeway and cars driving through the mist.

“Is not.”

The stranger made no reply, simply inclining his head toward the phone. Colin shrugged and grabbed the broken receiver.

“There’s not even an earpiece on it, mate. How’m I supposed to hear?”

The voice that replied sounded digital and broken, like a recording from some earlier era, but the feeling of hot breath as the stranger whispered in Colin’s ear was distinct:

“The better question is: How am I speaking without a voice?”

Back from my latest hiatus (hey, that kind of rhymes!), here I am with my response to this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt (the photo, taken by Danny Bowman). Maybe more of a beginning to something than a self-contained story, but it’s almost the holiday weekend, so I’m letting it go.

Happy Friday, everyone!

  1. Spooky little story – with the “stranger” and the broken phone box. Made me wonder what would happen next.

  2. You could expand it, but it is very good as a short shot of creepiness.

  3. Very eerie… I love the end line, but I reconn it can’t end well

  4. Definitely creepy.


  5. Dear Brian,
    Thanks for the goosebumps.

  6. Yes, how did he do that??

  7. Oh I love this. A haunted phone! I love the story you came up with!

  8. And that is why Mama said don’t talk to strangers.

  9. I liked your story a lot. I appreciate that you added in the part about the broken receiver.

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