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Lane braced his palms in the beach rocks and studied the hive.

“Maybe it floated from Africa?” he said. “Killer bees.”

“Don’t joke,” Warren complained with a pout. “Is anything in it?”

Lane thought he heard a faint buzzing, and even smelled a sweetness like honey, but there was no movement in the golden lattice.

“Nah…” he began, but suddenly he felt a sharp pain and he jumped. When he pulled his hand away, blood began to pour from a deep gash in his palm.

In the rocks, a thousand stony carapaces turned, and Warren sprinted down the beach.

Another week gone by, another Friday Fictioneers story. Click the blue guy above for the rest of this week’s stories, and leave a comment below!

  1. Sounds like he loosed the bees! Good luck to them both. I think they’re going to need it. “Lattice” and “carapaces” are such lovely words! Thanks for using them.


  2. I think he unleashed something worse than bees. Good writing.

  3. And they’re off… Good one, nicely done.

  4. Nice sense of menace, and ‘golden lattice’ sounded so beautiful and harmless!

  5. A menacing tale – run away quick!

  6. Great writing, as always Brian. I liked the suspense you created here.

  7. Nice writing! I wanted to run myself.

  8. They better run.. Something more sinister than bees seems to be at play

  9. Dear Brian,
    So were the carapaces sinister or just an unfortunate placement of Brian’s hands. I loved the visual of Brian bending down with his hands braced on the rocks. Typical, inquisitive boy.

  10. I’d like to know more please 🙂 Who won the race? Did Warren survive? It’s like an old Saturday morning serial at the movies 🙂

  11. Like the story of the lion and the antelope he must only be as fast as the fastest bee to escape!

  12. Some good misdirection. Worried about bees when the danger is even closer.

  13. ‘…a thousand stony carapaces turned…’ creepy. What happens next?

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