Origin Story: My first foray into fiction

In Fiction, Writing on May 4, 2012 at 9:30 am

On a quick trip home yesterday, digging through some boxes in the basement, I came across what may be the first story I ever wrote.

It’s something of an origin story, my own origin story, written when I was seven — and after reading it, it’s amazing my parents didn’t decide to take me to a child psychologist.

Parts of it were too good not to share though, so here it is. I present to you, without corrections (as if any were needed!)…

Adventures on Dipstick Island !

when I was little my grama told me about dipstick island

how the island formd.

the island formd by 28 comets crasing together thay melted together. then plants started to grow. trees did to. then there was water. then animals were living on the island. except thay lookted weird.

how i got to earth.

I was on a comet and when I got to the solar systm I turnd into a human becaus I didn’t want any one to see my real form. it was scary. I landed in kansas city.

how i was born.

before I WAS BORN I took a trip around the world. It was a very fun trip. Then 7,000 years later*, I was born to Kim Benoit and Douglas Benoit.

My life now.

Now I live at 9 King St. Concord New Hampshire**. I like it where I live now and I like it on dipstick island.

the end!


*Emphasis added because I was the coolest 7-year-old ever.
**Not anymore, so don’t stalk me.


So how many of you still have your works of childhood genius sitting around? Scan them, post them, and then put the link below!

And now, just in case you wanted it (you did) here’s the original version:


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